About Foundation of Faith

Covenant Christian Centre’s Foundation of Faith program is designed to teach and/or remind believers of foundational principles in various areas of the Christian Faith. This is covered in six classes...

» Integrity of God’s Word
» What is Faith
» Love
» Praise and Worship
» Prayer
» The Holy Spirit

The classes have an interactive format; the attendees get to ask the teacher questions on the topic taught or on any realted area of the Christian walk in which they may need help

The Foundation of Faith program holds a session each quarter of the year (both on the Mainland and on the Island - The Lekki Chapel). A session consists of six classes covering the topics listed above. An attendee is expected to go through all six classes to have completed the program.

However it is not required that the classes must be completed in a session. If for any reason an attendee cannot attend one or more classes in a session, the attendee can take those classes in a subsequent session.


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NEW SESSION:  2016 4th Quarter, Island
VENUE:  The Lekki Chapel
Class 1     Integrity of God's Word     Sat, Nov 12   |   8:00am
Class 2     What Is Faith?                    Sun, Nov 13   |   7:30am   (class holds before the service)
Class 3     Love                                      Sun, Nov 20  |   7:30am   (class holds before the service)
Class 4     Praise and Worship          Sat, Nov 26    |   12:00pm   (sanitation Saturdaay)
Class 5     Prayer                                  Sun, Nov 27   |   7:30am   (class holds before the service)
Class 6     The Holy Spirit                  Sat, Dec 3       |   8:00am